A New Option for Mild-Severe Hearing Loss

The Earlens fitting range accommodates a wide variety of sensorineural hearing losses.

Unique Technology

Custom designed and built

3d Earlens device in ear

The Earlens Solution consists of 3 main parts: The Processor, Ear Tip and Lens. The Processor captures sound and converts it into a signal containing audio data and power, which is passed from the Ear Tip to the Lens.

Both the Ear Tip and Lens are entirely custom designed for each patient’s ear anatomy and assembled at Earlens headquarters in the heart of Silicon Valley.

graph with data about Earlens

An ENT physician places the finished Lens onto the eardrum, while the audiologist fits and programs the Processor using our proprietary software, much like fitting a conventional hearing aid.

As an audiologist, what most excites me about Earlens is the patient reaction compared to traditional amplification, how much better they perceive sound.

— Marc D’Aprile, Sc.D, Audiologist, New York City

Benefits Include:

earlens icons FINAL Noise Cancel Earlens

Noise reduction technology

earlens icons FINAL Automatic adaptive directional microphones Earlens

Automatic adaptive directional microphones

earlens icons FINAL No Feedback Earlens

Feedback cancellation

earlens icons FINAL 5 custom programs Earlens

5 custom programs

earlens icons FINAL 20 channels Earlens

20 channels

A complete hearing solution

earlens full device

Earlens system

Each Earlens solution comes with a rechargeable Processor, custom Ear Tip and custom Lens. The Processor has directional microphones to automatically adjust to challenging listening environments, unparalleled streaming sound quality through the MFi capability, 5 customizable programs and is available in 3 colors. The Ear Tip,  made of a flexible Biopor, material sends sound information that signals the Lens to vibrate the eardrum.

Travel Charger and Case

Easy, wireless recharging eliminates the need to change tiny batteries.

Earlens travel case
computer showing earlens data

Fitting Software

A built-in layer of verification optimizes the first-fit recommendation. The feedback manager, acclimatization programs and automatic streaming presets streamline the fitting process. Customize up to 4 programs for different listening situations.

Mark Widick

“My patients have been transformed by the Earlens device. Prior to that, our hearing aids which we had tried to dispense and tell them that they were going to hear in noisy environments often fell short. With this device, the top comment that I got is ‘If a hearing aid is a hotdog, this is filet mignon.’ This device is totally different than anything you’ve been involved with before, and will offer you the ability to distinguish yourself from everybody else in the market, and offer something that truly will benefit your patients in ways that are not available anywhere else.”

— Mark Widick, MD,  FACS, Neurotologist

Transformative Results

An extended bandwidth means nothing if it doesn’t translate into real patient benefits. While acoustic hearing aids  have trouble delivering meaningful audibility in the higher and lower frequencies, Earlens has shown benefits outside of a 2cc coupler setting.