The Best Hearing
Requires a Lens

Unlike traditional hearing aids that just make sounds louder through a speaker, Earlens offers the world’s only nonsurgical Lens to gently vibrate the eardrum.


sound wave 02 Earlens


After Earlens2 Earlens

Tiny Lens.
Huge Difference.

Only Earlens uses a tiny Lens placed directly on your eardrum. The Ear Tip transmits high fidelity audio signals directly to the Lens, gently vibrating your eardrum across the full frequency range. The result? Rich, natural sound.

As Seen on the News.

Hear the echo of Earlens’ revolution in hearing technology catching waves across major media outlets.

“The Earlens device is an innovative way to treat hearing losses and can provide a very broad frequency response to the listener.”
Hearing Tracker

“Will people actually hear speech better with the Earlens device? The answer is a resounding yes.”

Hearing Review

“Rather than turning up the sound, Earlens actually re-creates the effect of the sound waves.”

Hear Genie's Story

Genie wanted hearing aid technology that would help her hear all the sounds she wanted to hear, including music and soft speech.

Hear Bill's Story

Bill decided it was time to get hearing aids and asked his hearing physician how to get the very best technology available.

Hear Dave's Story

Dave tried several other high-quality hearing aids, but never solved the problem of understanding speech until trying Earlens.

Hear What You've Been Missing

When comparing the sound quality of traditional hearing aids to Earlens, people often say it’s like the difference between an AM transistor radio and a high-quality stereo system. It’s that dramatic. Play our comparison video to hear for yourself.

The Goal:
To Forget about Your Hearing Loss

The proof is in the audiogram. Earlens significantly increases your range of frequencies, so you can hear many speech sounds you’ve been missing. Curious to know more? Watch our video.

Why Bandwidth Is So Important

Life sounds more natural and makes more sense to our brains when heard through a broader bandwidth of frequencies. That’s the magic of Earlens. To learn more, play our video.

Advanced Hearing From the Get-Go

Earlens is fully customized for your unique ears and hearing loss, and the process is seamless from start to finish. Watch the video to learn more, and schedule a virtual consultation today.