Tips for Your New Earlens

posted By: Earlens Web | 04.15.17

Tips for Your New Earlens


When you are first fit with the Earlens Contact Hearing Solution, a few tips can help you get the most out of your new hearing devices.


  • Wear your new Earlens hearing devices as often as possible so that your brain can adjust to the new way you are hearing. It is normal for your own voice and familiar sounds to initially seem different any time you wear a new hearing aid. Fortunately, the brain is highly adaptable and will adjust given time.


  • Make sure you are properly charging your Earlens. One of the major benefits of Earlens is never having to change hearing aid batteries. Earlens is a rechargeable hearing device that offers a full day’s charge. When you charge your Earlens at night, the bottom light on the charger should blink for a few seconds and then turn solid. If four lights are flashing, you can simply try removing the hearing aids and placing them back in the charger. Earlens can go from zero charge to a full charge within just four hours.


  • Don’t use Q-tips to clean your ears. Whether you wear a hearing aid or not, you should never use Q-tips to clean your ears. Wax naturally migrates out of the ear canal on its own. Using Q-tips interrupts the normal flow of wax by pushing wax back down the ear canal. When you wear the Earlens hearing device, it is especially important not to use Q-tips in your ears to avoid dislodging or damaging the Lens. If you need your ears cleaned, make an appointment with your ENT physician. Your audiologist will also supply you with mineral oil that you must apply into the ear canal as directed  by your physician to help break down earwax.


  • Take notes on questions that come up. As you adjust to your new hearing solution, make sure to take notes on situations where you notice an improvement, and situations where you would still like to hear better. You should also jot down any questions that arise between your fitting day and first follow up appointment. This will help your audiologist adjust the programming on your Earlens devices to optimize them for your needs.


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