Hear Better at Work

posted By: Earlens Web | 03.15.17

Hear Better at Work


Wearing a hearing aid can help prevent hearing loss from affecting your performance at work. Research by the National Council on Aging has demonstrated that hearing aids are associated with improvements in multiple areas of life, from ease of communication all the way to earning power.


The variety of benefits associated with wearing hearing aids suggests that if you are having trouble hearing and have not had a hearing test, you should visit an audiologist to determine whether you have a hearing loss that should be treated. But, if you already wear a hearing device and still occasionally have difficulty hearing at work, a few tips may be able to help.


Face the person who is speaking: Visual cues like facial expressions can help us better comprehend what someone is saying. Specifically, when we combine information from our eyes and ears, we have a better chance of understanding speech. Try to face the speaker whenever possible, and find a seat that faces the direction speech will come from.


Pause to digest what was said: Although we listen with our ears, our brains help us interpret the meaning of sounds to understand what is being said. If you aren’t sure what was said, take a moment to consider the context and see if you are able to fill in the blanks on your own.


Try hearing aid accessories: Some hearing aids have compatible accessories or smartphone applications that enable you to place a microphone closer to the person or people speaking so that you can hear better in noise and over longer distances.


Consider new hearing technology: If you have a hearing aid but are still struggling to understand what people around you are saying, new hearing technology may be able to help. For instance, the Earlens Light-Driven Hearing Aid is able to provide more complete sound than has ever previously been possible with traditional hearing aids. That is because the Earlens Hearing Aid uses light instead of a speaker to replicate the natural hearing process by directly vibrating the eardrum.


To speak to an audiologist or ENT physician about the Earlens Hearing Aid or hearing accessories that could help you at work, find an Earlens provider near you.

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