Does Earlens Require Surgery?

posted By: Earlens Web | 04.06.18

Does Earlens Require Surgery?


The Earlens Contact Hearing Solution is the only direct-drive hearing technology that does not require surgery. Other hearing solutions that directly vibrate the eardrum, like middle-ear implants, require surgical procedures to place in the ear. However, Earlens can be placed during a visit with an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) physician and audiologist—without the need for anesthesia.


If you decide to try Earlens, the physician will take impressions of your ears, which include the shape of your eardrum and ear canal. These impressions will be used to build the custom components of your Earlens devices: the Lens and the Ear Tip.


Once your Earlens devices are ready, you will return to your Earlens Provider. First, the ENT physician will place the Lens on your eardrum. To do this, he or she will first add some mineral oil into the ear to lubricate the ear canal. Next, he or she will gently slide the Lens down the ear canal. Because of the custom shape of the Lens, the Lens will naturally shift into place on the eardrum. This process does not require any surgery or anesthesia and typically takes no more than a few minutes per ear.


After confirming that the Lens is in place and functioning, your ENT physician will send you to the audiologist, who will fit and program your Processors. Once you are wearing your Processors, you will be able to start experiencing hearing with your new Earlens system.


To learn more about the Earlens Contact Hearing Solution and whether it could be right for you, make an appointment with your local Earlens Provider.


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