Caring for Earlens Devices

posted By: Earlens Web | 10.18.17

Caring for Earlens Devices


Have you ever wondered how the Lens in the Earlens Contact Hearing Solution stays on the eardrum? The Lens is remarkably stable once placed, staying in position much in the same way a contact lens does in the eye.


If you’ve ever worn contact lenses, you may have noticed that the lens moves around if you blink while your eyes are dry. However, eye drops can keep the lens comfortably in your eye while helping it stay where it should. In the case of Earlens, regularly applying drops of mineral oil in the ear canal can help keep the Lens in place and working properly. The mineral oil also has the added benefit of helping earwax to naturally migrate out of the ear.


To keep your Lens in good working condition, it is important to apply mineral oil to the Lens as directed by a physician. Earlens wearers can use a special mineral oil dispenser that they receive when they purchase their Earlens. To oil the Lens, they simply depress the pump until a steady stream of oil is produced. Once it is ready, they should apply the mineral oil into one ear with the head in an upright position. After removing the dispenser from the ear, users should tilt their head for a minute or so to ensure the oil reaches the Lens. This process can then be repeated on the other side.


In some cases, an Earlens Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) physician may recommend that a patient oil the Lens more than twice a week. It is also recommended that Earlens wearers reapply the mineral oil after swimming, taking a bath, or enjoying any other activity in which the ear canals become filled with water. If you wear Earlens and have forgotten to oil as scheduled, apply oil as soon as possible and then resume as advised.


Since the oil in the ear canal can sometimes make sounds temporarily seem more muffled, we recommend that Earlens users apply oil just before going to bed and after removing their Earlens Processors for the day. As the oil is absorbed, any feelings of stuffiness or sounds seeming softer than usual should subside.


Although Earlens requires some basic maintenance, it also include features that enhance the ease of use. Unlike most conventional hearing aids, Earlens hearing devices have rechargeable batteries so users never have to worry about changing tiny hearing aid batteries. Earlens also does not require users to change wax guards. The Ear Tip on the Earlens Processor can be cleaned easily by wiping it with a soft cloth. Earlens can additionally connect to select Apple devices so that users can take calls and listen to music directly through their hearing aids.


Once fit, Earlens is easy to use and care for. To learn more about Earlens and whether it might be for you, visit your local Earlens provider.

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