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3 Factors to Consider for Your Next Hearing Aids

Don’t forget to consider these three factors if you are looking for a new hearing aid. Your Hearing Needs First things first. The most important aspect of a hearing solution is whether it effectively addresses your hearing needs. Different types of hearing devices are better…

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Will I Hear Better with Earlens?

If you have been dissatisfied with existing hearing aids, you may benefit from a new kind of hearing technology. The Earlens Contact Hearing Solution is the only nonsurgical hearing device to directly vibrate the eardrum, allowing for a broader frequency range that more closely replicates the…

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Earlens Review: Dante C.

Flying jets during the Vietnam War and working in construction and the restaurant industry took their toll on Dante C.’s hearing over the years. In his 60s, he noticed that whenever he was in a crowd of people, he would have particular difficulty understanding whoever…

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Can I Customize My Listening Experience with Earlens?

The Earlens Contact Hearing Solution uses advanced digital technology to automatically adapt to challenging listening environments, like restaurants or social gatherings. But, Earlens also offers customizable programs that users can select from in order to best meet the needs of the particular situation they are…

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How Are Earlens Devices Made?

The major parts of the Earlens Contact Hearing Solution include the Processor, Ear Tip, and Lens. Two of those components, the Ear Tip and Lens, are custom made for each patient.   The Earlens behind-the-ear Processor captures sound information and sends it to the Ear Tip….

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Hearing Technology: The Last 15 Years

We’ve come a long way since the ear trumpets of the 18th century. The development of transistor technology in the 1950s was a major step forward in creating smaller hearing aids that could even have multiple settings in one device. But since the late 20th…

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How Often Do I Need to See My Doctor with an Earlens?

The Earlens Contact Hearing Solution requires an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) physician working together with an audiologist. This partnership ensures a high level of hearing healthcare for Earlens patients.   The Earlens system consists of three parts: The behind-the-ear Processor, the Ear Tip, and…

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How Long Does It Take to Adjust to New Hearing Aids?

Although we hear with our ears, we listen with our brains. And our brains are very “plastic”—or highly adaptable to changes.*   Using hearing aids changes the way that we process sound information like speech in noisy situations. Therefore, it’s no surprise that research shows…

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Earlens FAQ: What Does It Feel Like to Wear the Earlens?

Just like any hearing technology, wearing Earlens can take some time to get used to. The Earlens Contact Hearing Solution consists of 3 parts: The rechargeable behind-the-ear Processor, Ear Tip, and Lens. The Processor is designed to rest comfortably on the ear. If you have…

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