How do Audiologists Choose the Best Hearing Aid for Me?

posted By: Earlens Web | 05.19.17

How do Audiologists Choose the Best Hearing Aid for Me?


The most important factor in determining the best hearing aid for you is whether the hearing aid will effectively treat your hearing loss. Therefore, an audiologist will typically test your hearing several different ways to understand the type of hearing loss that you have, as well as how mild or severe your hearing loss may be. The results of these tests are usually plotted on a chart called an “audiogram”.


Your audiologist will also seek to understand the type of lifestyle you live. It is important to choose a hearing solution that will perform across all of the listening situations that you find yourself in. For instance, someone who has an active social life and is frequently in challenging listening environments will benefit from more advanced digital hearing aid technology than someone who only spends time in quiet environments and one-on-one conversations. Likewise, a music aficionado may benefit from additional features like a broader bandwidth, which can help capture the rich lows and bright high notes in music.


Finally, your audiologist will try to take any aesthetic preferences you may have into account. There are many types of hearing aids that come in many hearing aid styles. However, not all styles are appropriate for every level of hearing loss, so the primary consideration in choosing the best hearing aid for you should still be whether that hearing aid can effectively treat your hearing loss.


To get the most out of your hearing aid appointment and help your audiologist choose the best hearing aid for you, come prepared to discuss your needs, as well as any prior hearing test results you may have available. It is also always helpful to bring a family member or friend to the appointment in order to ask additional questions that you may not have considered, or take notes while you are speaking with your audiologist.


Ultimately, the best hearing aid for you will depend on how well you are able to hear with it. Your audiologist will continue to work with you to adjust the programming on your hearing aids after you are fit with them for the first time. So, even if you do not hear as well as you would like to at first, wear your hearing aids as much as possible and write down the listening environments that you are doing well in and those that you would like to hear better in. Bring these thoughts to your follow up appointment so that your audiologist can make the appropriate changes to enhance your listening experience.


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