Will I Benefit from the Earlens Hearing Aid?

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Will I Benefit from the Earlens Hearing Aid?


Whether you will benefit from the Earlens Hearing Aid depends on your specific hearing needs. Earlens is intended to treat mild to severe sensorineural hearing loss in adults. While other hearing aid technology can sometimes treat the same range of hearing loss, Earlens may be able to provide better audibility in some of the lower or higher frequencies because of how it works.


Conventional hearing aids are constrained by their tiny speakers, which can only amplify a limited range of sound frequencies without sound distortion or feedback. In contrast, the Earlens Hearing Aid uses light to transmit sound. The Earlens Hearing Aid has three major components: the Photon Processor, Light Tip, and the Lens. The rechargeable Photon Processor, which is worn behind the ear, captures sound information and sends it to the Light Tip. The Light Tip converts sound information into pulses of nonvisible light that activate a custom fit Lens to directly vibrate the eardrum.


By using light instead of a speaker to transmit sound, the Earlens Hearing Aid can amplify sounds across the broadest frequency range of any hearing device on the market. Studies have shown that a broader frequency range is associated with perceptions of more natural sound quality, as well as the ability to understand speech more easily.*


To find out whether you might benefit from wearing Earlens, visit an Earlens provider near you. You may be eligible for a complimentary sound demonstration to compare Earlens to your existing hearing aid. If you are a candidate for Earlens, you may also be able to receive a trial period during which you can wear Earlens to determine the difference it can make in your own listening environments.


The Earlens Light-Driven Hearing Aid is one of the best hearing aids for providing audible amplification across a broad frequency range. Earlens is a digital hearing aid that uses light to transmit sound for the most complete hearing available from a hearing aid. Earlens automatically adjusts to noisy environments and uses a rechargeable battery with wireless charging for enhanced ease of use. Learn more about Earlens’ new hearing aid technology and full product details.


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