Will Earlens Help Profound Hearing Loss?

posted By: Earlens Web | 02.23.18

Will Earlens Help Profound Hearing Loss?


Earlens is intended to treat a wide range of hearing losses. Since Earlens is intended for people with mild to severe hearing loss, if you have profound hearing loss, you may not be a candidate for Earlens. However, only an Earlens audiologist can tell you whether Earlens could be right for you.


At an Earlens appointment, an audiologist will test your hearing if you have not had a recent hearing test done. The results of the hearing test are shown on a chart called an audiogram. Most people’s hearing varies across the different frequencies, which are displayed left to right from low to high, like the keys on a piano. Typically, people have better hearing in the low frequencies and more hearing loss in the higher frequencies. It is possible to have only a few frequencies where your hearing loss falls within the profound range.


Some of the greatest benefits of Earlens include natural sound quality from a broader frequency range, and a minimal risk of feedback, the whistling that can plague conventional hearing aids, particularly for people with more severe hearing loss. Feedback is typically caused when sound that is amplified through the hearing aid speaker is picked back up by the hearing aid microphone and re-amplified over and over. However, Earlens uses light instead of a speaker to transmit sound, thereby reducing the risk of feedback.


The only way to learn whether Earlens is right for you is to speak with an Earlens provider. He or she will be able to assess your level and type of hearing loss and work with you to determine if Earlens could help you hear better.


The Earlens Light-Driven Hearing Aid is one of the best hearing aids for providing audible amplification across a broad frequency range. Earlens is a digital hearing aid that uses light to transmit sound for the most complete hearing available from a hearing aid. Earlens automatically adjusts to noisy environments and uses a rechargeable battery with wireless charging for enhanced ease of use. Learn more about Earlens’ new hearing aid technology and full product details.

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