Why Do I Need to See a Physician for Earlens?

posted By: Earlens Web | 04.16.18

Why Do I Need to See a Physician for Earlens?

Why do I need to See an ENT for Earlens

With Earlens, an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) physician and an audiologist or hearing health professional work together closely to ensure that you get the best treatment possible.


Different parts of the Earlens system are fit by different professionals. Earlens consists of 3 parts: a Processor, Ear Tip and Lens. The Ear Tip and Lens are custom built for each patient using impressions of the ear that are taken by the ENT physician. These impressions are deeper than standard ear impressions taken by audiologists, because they include not just the ear canal, but the eardrum as well.


Once the Earlens devices are ready, the Lens is placed into the ear by the ENT physician. The Lens, which rests gently against the eardrum, is designed to work with the Earlens Processors that are attached to the Ear Tips. The Processors are worn behind the ear, much like traditional hearing aids. The Processors and Ear Tips are fit and programmed by an audiologist for each patient’s specific needs.


As you continue to wear Earlens, your ENT physician and audiologist will coordinate as a high level care team to optimize your hearing experience. For instance, the physician may periodically check your Lens to ensure it is properly situated on your eardrum and working well. They may also occasionally clean wax from your ear canal if needed. Meanwhile, your audiologist will be available to help with any changes that need to be made to the programming on your Earlens Hearing Solution—for instance, if certain types of sounds are too loud or too soft after you are initially fit.


To find an Earlens ENT physician and audiologist near you, visit our Find an Earlens Provider page.

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