Swimming with Earlens

posted By: Earlens Web | 06.03.18

Swimming with Earlens


With summer approaching, you may be looking forward to water activities like swimming. And if you wear Earlens Hearing Aids, you can continue to enjoy these activities while wearing your Lens.


If you wear Earlens, you should remove your Processors before getting into a pool or shower, just as you would remove behind-the-ear hearing aids in the same situation. However, the Lens is designed to be worn continuously in the ear canal and can stay in place on the eardrum during activities like swimming or showering. The custom shape of the Lens makes it remarkably stable.


To help keep your Lens working and in the right position, be careful not to aim direct streams of water into your ear canal, since doing so could move the Lens out of place. If you swim daily or very regularly, you may also wish to speak to your Earlens provider about wearing custom earplugs.


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