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The Earlens Leadership Team

Earlens Corporation is a privately held company committed to providing hearing impaired patients a hearing solution that will change the standard of care for sound performance.

The company has developed the Earlens Hearing Aid, the first hearing device to use light to transmit sound. The Earlens Hearing Aid enables delivery of an ultra-wide frequency range (from 125-10,000 Hz) while minimizing feedback. The company is headquartered in Menlo Park, California.

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The Earlens Leadership Team

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Mike Favet

Mr. Favet is Managing Director of the Medical Technologies…

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Greg Garfield

Mr. Garfield is the Senior Managing Director of the…

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Thomas Prescott

Mr. Prescott is currently a Director of Align Technology,…

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President & Chief Executive Officer

William M. Facteau

William M. Facteau joined Earlens Corporation as Chairman, President…

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Founder & Chief Medical Officer

Rodney Perkins, M.D.

Rodney Perkins, the Founder and Chief Medical Officer of…

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Hank Plain

Mr. Hank Plain is a General Partner of Lightstone…

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Judy Brimacombe
Vice President of Clinical and Regulatory Affairs

Judy Brimacombe

Judy Brimacombe joined Earlens as Vice President, Clinical &…

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Executive Vice President, Sales

Scott Durall

Prior to joining Earlens, Mr. Durall held several executive…

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Vice President of Operations

Mark Bishop

Mark Bishop joined Earlens in December 2013 as their…

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Vice President of R&D, Sound Processing

Greg Koskowich

Greg Koskowich joined Earlens in December 2016¬†and has over…

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Chief Marketing Officer

Leilani Latimer

Leilani Latimer joined Earlens as Chief Marketing Officer in…

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Chief Operating Officer

J. Connon Samuel

Prior to joining Earlens, Connon was Chief Operating Officer…

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General Counsel

Bernard Shay

Bernard Shay joined Earlens as General Counsel in June…

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