Product Details

The Earlens Contact Hearing Solution

Earlens offers a hearing experience unlike any other. From our Processor to our patented Lens technology, the Earlens solution is designed to deliver a difference you can hear.

The Processor and Ear Tip
  • Automatically adjusts to challenging listening environments, like restaurants
  • Feedback reduction technology minimizes whistling
  • Rechargeable batteries give you a full day’s charge and eliminate the need to change tiny batteries
  • Offers 4 customizable programs to select your preferred setting for each environment
  • Available in 3 colors
The Lens
  • Custom built to ensure comfort and fit for every user
  • Placed in the ear by an ENT physician and gently conforms to the eardrum
  • Works with the Processor and Ear Tip to directly activate your natural hearing system
The Charger
  • Fully charges Processors in 4 hours
  • Easy, wireless recharging eliminates the need to change tiny batteries
The Earlens Control App
  • Take calls and stream music directly from your Apple Device through your hearing aids.
    Unparalleled streaming sound quality.
    Discretely adjust your volume and program settings through the Earlens Control App. Visit for compatibility information.
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