“My New Hearing Aids Are Too Noisy!”

posted By: Earlens Web | 09.28.17

“My New Hearing Aids Are Too Noisy!”

New Hearing Aids Too Loud

New hearing aid wearers are often surprised by the loudness of sounds with their new hearing devices. If you have had untreated hearing loss for a period of time, it is normal for the world to seem louder than usual once you are wearing amplification.

Because the Earlens Contact Hearing Solution is able to provide greater amplification across a broader range of frequencies than conventional hearing aid technology, sounds may also seem louder than usual with Earlens. This is because you are likely hearing sounds in the higher frequencies that you have not been able to hear prior to wearing Earlens. Over time, your brain will begin to automatically recognize which sounds are less important and move them into the background. As this happens, you may discover it takes less effort, or feels “easier” to hear.

In the meantime, your Earlens hearing professional can personalize your user controls based on your preferences and needs. These user controls can be set up to change volume, change programs, or change both volume and programs. Programs might be customized to help you hear better in restaurants, in the car, or while listening to music, for instance.

Once these controls have been set up, a short press on the top button of the Earlens Processor will increase the volume on your hearing devices, while a short press down on the bottom button will decrease the volume. You can also change the volume and programs on your Earlens through an iPhone app available for select Apple devices.

Even if sounds are louder than you would initially like, be patient and give yourself time to acclimate to them. Keep in mind that we can be surprised by the loudness of sounds that we haven’t heard clearly for some time. These sounds are loud to people with normal hearing as well. However, if anything is uncomfortably loud, share that with your audiologist so that he or she can help adjust the programming of your hearing devices if needed.

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