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The Best Hearing Requires a Lens

Unlike traditional hearing aids that just make sounds louder through a speaker, Earlens offers the world’s only nonsurgical lens to gently vibrate the eardrum.


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Tiny Lens. Huge Difference.

Only Earlens uses a tiny lens placed directly on your eardrum. The ear tip transmits high fidelity audio signals directly to the lens, gently vibrating your eardrum across the full frequency range. The result? Rich, natural sound.

A Revolution in Hearing Technology and Care

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Custom Fit
For Your Ears and Lifestyle

No two ears are the same. That’s why every Earlens solution is completely customized to your unique needs from the fit to the programming.

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2.5X The Audible

Experience 2.5 times greater range of bandwidth than traditional hearing aids for drastically improved sound quality and better speech understanding in environments with background noise.

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No Acoustic

Earlens works with your natural hearing system by gently vibrating the eardrum so you hear the full spectrum of sound, without the high-pitched squeaking.

Hearing Loss
Affects More Than Just Your Hearing

Hearing is the foundation for how we communicate with one another, so changes can impact how we connect with others. Not surprisingly, hearing loss has also been correlated with other health conditions like depression, diabetes and heart disease, and is the top modifiable risk factor for dementia. Healthy hearing is an important part of our overall wellbeing and demands a high level of healthcare.


Hear Genie's Story

Genie wanted hearing aid technology that would help her hear all the sounds she wanted to hear, including music and soft speech.

Hear Bill's Story

Bill decided it was time to get hearing aids and asked his hearing physician how to get the very best technology available.

Hear Dave's Story

Dave tried several other high-quality hearing aids, but never solved the problem of understanding speech until trying Earlens.