How is Earlens Built for My Ears?

posted By: Earlens Web | 08.09.18

How is Earlens Built for My Ears?


Earlens hearing devices have three main parts: The Processor, Light Tip and Lens. Two of those parts, the Light Tip and the Lens, are custom built for the user.


Every person has a unique ear shape—in fact, the eardrum and ear canals will be different in each ear for the same person. So, to build Earlens Hearing Aids, Earlens needs impressions of the patient’s ears that include both the eardrum (for the Lens) and ear canal (for the Light Tips).


When you decide to try Earlens Hearing Aids, a specially trained Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) physician will take impressions of your ears. This process is performed without the need for any anesthesia and typically takes about 15 minutes per ear.


After cleaning the ear, the ENT doctor will fill the ear with impression material to capture the eardrum while you are lying down. After 8 minutes, you will be asked to sit up so that the physician can fill the remainder of the ear canal with a material that is meant to best capture the ear canal shape. The impression material may feel cold at first and you will not be able to hear well out of that ear while the impression is setting. Throughout the impression process, it is important to keep your jaw relaxed, face forward, and refrain from talking for the most accurate results.


Once Earlens receives the impressions, we will start building your new hearing devices. An accurate impression is very important as we build the Light Tip and Lens. For instance, the impression tells our engineers how the Light Tip and Lens should align within the ear to achieve the best possible sound quality.


To learn more about what it is like to wear Earlens, watch real Earlens user reviews. Or, make an appointment with your local Earlens provider to learn whether Earlens could help you hear better.


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