Does the Lens Require Batteries?

posted By: Earlens Web | 04.25.18

Does the Lens Require Batteries?


The Earlens Contact Hearing Solution has 3 main parts: the Processor, the Ear Tip and the Lens. The Lens directly vibrates the eardrum to activate the natural hearing system. However, it does not require any separate batteries to work.


In Earlens, the behind-the-ear Processor sends sound to the Ear Tip, which transforms sound information into pulses of energy that contain important sound information. The pulses of energy are sent down to the eardrum and captured by the Lens. The Lens then uses the energy to begin vibrating the eardrum based on the sound information encoded in each pulse. By working in this unique way, Earlens is able to deliver more complete sound than any hearing aid on the market.


Although the Lens does not require a separate battery to work, the Earlens Processor does have a built-in battery. One of the benefits of Earlens is that it is fully rechargeable. Earlens has rechargeable batteries that provide a full day’s charge and eliminate the need to change tiny batteries. Earlens comes with a charger that can charge a fully depleted Processor in just 4 hours. Users can simply drop the Earlens Processors into the charging slots of the charger and they will wirelessly charge. Users can confirm the charging status and current charge level of their Earlens Hearing Solution through the indicator lights on the charger.


If you have an active lifestyle, you may benefit from a rechargeable hearing solution that does not require you to bring back up hearing aid batteries with you. To learn more about Earlens, make an appointment with an Earlens provider near you.


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