Can You Restore Lost Hearing?

posted By: Earlens Web | 03.01.18

Can You Restore Lost Hearing?


Hearing loss is a very common condition. In fact, the most common type of hearing loss, presbycusis, occurs due to aging. Once hearing is lost, it is currently not possible to restore it. The good news is that even though hearing cannot be restored, it can be treated – most typically with hearing aids.


Now, if you already wear hearing aids, this may not be particularly exciting news. And we understand why. While hearing aid user satisfaction has increased over the years, wearers continue to highlight hearing aid sound quality in particular as an area that could use improvement. Some hearing aid wearers, despite major advances in sound processing technology, continue to feel that things sound “processed” instead of natural.


Have you ever wondered why things sound so different through a hearing aid? Much of the limitation in sound quality can be attributed to the bandwidth of sound that conventional hearing aids are limited to. Perfect hearing ranges from 20 Hz in the low frequencies all the way up to 20,000 Hz in the high frequencies. However, hearing aids can usually only amplify sound from ~750 Hz – 5500 Hz because they rely on tiny speakers to amplify sound.


Fortunately, there’s a new option for hearing aid wearers who have been hoping for something better. A new type of hearing aid called the Earlens Hearing Aid has eliminated the reliance on speaker technology. Instead, Earlens directly vibrates the eardrum using a small custom Lens placed non-surgically in the ear. The Lens is activated using non-visible light that is produced from a Processor worn behind the ear. See how Earlens works.


With Earlens, users can enjoy a fuller bandwidth for more complete sound. A broader frequency range has been associated with sound quality benefits, like perceived naturalness of speech and music. It has also been associated with better speech understanding.*


If you’re looking for a way to hear better, learn more about the new Earlens hearing technology. Find an Earlens provider near you.


The Earlens Light-Driven Hearing Aid is one of the best hearing aids for providing audible amplification across a broad frequency range. Earlens is a digital hearing aid that uses light to transmit sound for the most complete hearing available from a hearing aid. Earlens automatically adjusts to noisy environments and uses a rechargeable battery with wireless charging for enhanced ease of use. Learn more about Earlens’ new hearing aid technology and full product details.

*Moore, B. C., & Tan, C. (2003). Perceived naturalness of spectrally distorted speech and music. The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America J. Acoust. Soc. Am., 114(1), 408. Levy SC et al.  Extended High-Frequency Bandwidth Improves Speech Reception in the Presence of Spatially Separated Masking Speech.  Ear Hear. 2015 Sep-Oct;36(5):e214-24

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