Can I Connect Earlens Hearing Aids to My Phone?

posted By: Earlens Web | 07.09.18

Can I Connect Earlens Hearing Aids to My Phone?


One of the benefits of Earlens Hearing Aids is the ability to connect your hearing aids to select Apple devices. The Made for iPhone (MFi) feature means that Earlens hearing aid users can stream audio, for instance to take calls or listen to music, directly from their Apple device through their hearing aids.


“Made for iPhone” or MFi hearing aids eliminate the need for an intermediary device to connect hearing aids to phones. Instead, MFi hearing aids use Bluetooth and a special technology from Apple to connect to select devices, like the iPhone, iPad and iPod*. This enables hearing aid wearers to stream audio from their Apple devices to their ears, like they would with wireless headphones.


Not only can Earlens wearers stream audio while watching movies, listening to music and podcasts, making phone calls or using apps like Facetime, but they can also check the battery charge status and adjust the volume on their hearing devices through their smartphones. Earlens Hearing Aid users can also turn their Apple devices into a remote microphone through the live mic feature. Interested users can additionally download a free app from the App Store for access to more features like troubleshooting videos, or to find the last known location of their Earlens hearing devices if they have misplaced them.


Earlens wearer David mentions that since he can connect his hearing aids to his smartphone, “the calls sound a lot clearer”, and that he “can listen to music more freely”. See David’s Earlens story or read other Earlens reviews on our Testimonials page.


To learn more about the Earlens Made for iPhone Hearing Aid, make an appointment with an Earlens provider near you.


About the Earlens Light-Driven Hearing Aid

The Earlens Light-Driven Hearing Aid is one of the best hearing aids for providing audible amplification across a broad frequency range. Earlens is a digital hearing aid that uses light to transmit sound for the most complete hearing available. Earlens automatically adjusts to noisy environments and uses a rechargeable battery with wireless charging for enhanced ease of use. Learn more about Earlens’ new hearing aid technology and full product details.

*iPhone, iPad and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple.

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