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Earlens Review: Jeremy

With the Earlens Light-Driven Hearing Aid, a custom Lens rests directly on the eardrum and gently activates the natural hearing system. This direct contact delivers the broadest frequency range on the market, including sounds in the higher frequencies, where many speech cues are located. The…

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Tips for Your New Earlens Hearing Devices

When you are first fit with the Earlens Hearing Aids, a few tips can help you get the most out of your new hearing devices.   Wear your new Earlens hearing devices as often as possible so that your brain can adjust to the new…

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Earlens Review: Dr. Brian CJ Moore

Dr. Brian Moore of the University of Cambridge has been studying how the ear works for about 40 years. He has personally tried a variety of hearing aids and was also involved in the development of the first multi-channel compression hearing aids. Dr. Moore had…

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What Should I Expect From My New Earlens Hearing Aids?

Our brains are very good at noticing things that are “new” or “different”. For instance, if you have just started wearing a watch, you will likely be very aware of it on your wrist. However, as you get used to wearing it, you completely forget…

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Earlens FAQ: Can I Remove and Reinsert the Earlens Hearing Aid?

Unlike conventional hearing aids, which typically consist of one main piece worn either on or in the ear, the Earlens Light-Driven Hearing Aid consists of 3 parts: The rechargeable behind-the-ear Photon Processor, Light Tip, and Lens.   The rechargeable behind-the-ear Processor with the attached Light…

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4 Ways to Communicate Better with Hearing Aid Wearers

If you know someone who wears a hearing aid, you can help them “hear” better at home by taking steps to communicate more clearly. The tips below can help communicate effectively with a hearing aid wearer. Get Their Attention: Starting off by saying their name…

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Hear Better at Work

Wearing a hearing aid can help prevent hearing loss from affecting your performance at work. Research by the National Council on Aging has demonstrated that hearing aids are associated with improvements in multiple areas of life, from ease of communication all the way to earning…

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Earlens FAQ: Am I a Candidate for the Earlens Hearing Aid?

Determining whether a person is a candidate for the Earlens Hearing Aid depends on a variety of factors, including the level and type of hearing loss, as well as ear canal shape and medical history.   Earlens is intended to treat mild to severe hearing…

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Benefits of Broad Frequency Range Hearing: Sound Localization

One of the benefits of a broader frequency range is improved sound localization, or our ability to tell which direction sounds are coming from. Although this skill sounds like it might have limited uses (for instance, knowing which way a car is coming from while…

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