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Things to Avoid with Your Earlens

To keep your Earlens in good condition and working properly, it is important to try to avoid placing them in moisture and heat, which can damage your Earlens hearing devices. Follow these tips to help maintain the health of your hearing aids: Do not leave your…

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Happy National Audiology Month!

Happy National Audiology Month! This month is a great time to get your hearing checked if you suspect you might have a hearing loss, or if you’ve been previously diagnosed with hearing loss and believe your hearing may have changed over time.   In normal…

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“My New Hearing Aids Are Too Noisy!”

New hearing aid wearers are often surprised by the loudness of sounds with their new hearing devices. If you have had untreated hearing loss for a period of time, it is normal for the world to seem louder than usual once you are wearing amplification….

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How Can I Prepare for my Earlens Appointment?

With Earlens, you will have several different appointments with a hearing health team comprised of an audiologist working with an Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) physician in order to be fit with your new Earlens Hearing Aids. During your initial appointment, your hearing health provider…

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Why Do I Need To Wait to Receive My Earlens Devices?

Earlens is a custom hearing solution. The custom nature of Earlens means that when you decide to move forward with Earlens, you will need to wait for your new hearing devices to be built. Typically, this waiting period is no longer than two weeks. How do…

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What Should I Expect Earlens to Sound Like?

If you are an existing hearing aid wearer, then you probably remember how it felt wearing hearing aids for the first time. The world around you suddenly felt louder – and your own voice may have sounded strange to you. It probably took several weeks…

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Earlens User Review: David

About 4 years ago, David L. noticed that he was having trouble hearing people in social situations, restaurants, and his workplace. He tried hearing aids and noticed a big improvement, but still had trouble with the clarity of sound.   “It still wasn’t clear. I…

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How Can I Try Earlens?

Earlens brings audiologists and Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) physicians together to form a high level care team.   The Earlens® Contact Hearing Solution consists of three major parts: the Processor, Ear Tip, and Lens. The Earlens behind-the-ear Processor captures sound and sends it to the…

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How Long Do Earlens Batteries Last?

Hearing aid batteries can be a hassle to deal with. Changing tiny batteries, especially in the middle of a conversation, is an inconvenience. Not surprisingly, although 89% of consumers have hearing aids that only use disposable batteries, 70% of consumers would prefer rechargeable hearing aids.*…

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