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The Benefits of BTE Hearing Aids

Behind-the-ear hearing aids, also referred to as BTE hearing aids, hook over the top of the ear and rest behind the ear. A thin plastic tube connects the hearing aid to an ear piece that is worn inside the ear canal. Sound is funneled down…

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Benefits of Broad Frequency Hearing: More Natural Sound

Because the Earlens® Contact Hearing Solution directly vibrates the eardrum to gently activate the ear’s natural hearing system, it can overcome limitations of loudspeaker-based technology. This means that the Earlens Hearing Solution can amplify a much broader range of sound. In fact, Earlens has the…

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Holiday Travel Tips for Hearing Aid Wearers

If you’re planning on traveling this holiday season, don’t forget your hearing aids!   Keep your hearing aids on. It can be tempting to take them off on the airplane, but keep your hearing aids on so that you don’t miss important flight or safety…

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Hearing Aid Prices: How Much Should I Spend On Hearing Aids?

Hearing aids are certainly an investment, with premium hearing technology ranging from $6,000 to $12,000 per pair. But when you purchase a hearing aid, you’re purchasing more than just hardware. Most users report that hearing devices are an investment in themselves, their families and friends….

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Holiday Party Tips for Hearing Aid Wearers

Newer hearing technologies can help make background noise less annoying by using noise management technology. At the same time, you can take steps to make things easier for yourself in challenging hearing environments. For instance, if you find yourself hosting one of the many parties…

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Benefits of Broad Frequency Hearing: Better Hearing in Noisy Environments

Hearing and understanding sound are different issues for most people. Oftentimes, people who wear hearing aids will say, “I can hear him, but I can’t understand him.” This challenge is especially pronounced in noisy situations, like a restaurant with clinking glasses and plates, or a…

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Factors in Hearing Aid Sound Quality

  When people begin wearing glasses, they typically notice that they can see better, but may feel some things look different – particularly toward the edge of their vision. Likewise, when people start wearing a hearing aid for the first time or change from one…

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Happy Thanksgiving From All of Us At Earlens

It seems like Halloween was just yesterday and yet Thanksgiving’s already here. We hope all of our readers are getting ready to celebrate with family, friends, and of course – food!   In case anyone is looking for last-minute menu ideas, here is a roundup…

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Hearing Well for the Holidays

The holiday season is here, and with it come the usual gatherings, parties and festivities that make the season fun. In some of these situations, even people with normal hearing can struggle to understand and follow conversations. Laughter and music can create competing background noise…

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