posted By: Earlens Web | 06.14.19

Earlens Announces Connon Samuel as New Chief Operating Officer

Earlens, the privately held medical technology company committed to transforming the hearing experience, today announced that J. Connon Samuel has joined the organization as Chief Operating Officer.   Samuel was most recently Chief Operating Officer of Audigy Medical and Audigy Group, one of the fastest…

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posted By: Earlens Web | 05.10.19

A Healthy Brain Starts with…Your Ears?

If you want to keep your brain healthy, you might want to start by getting your hearing checked. A growing body of research has found a strong link between cognitive health and hearing loss. Frank Lin from Johns Hopkins University found that the risk of…

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posted By: Earlens Web | 05.03.19

Earlens is Celebrating Better Hearing Month

In honor of Better Hearing Month, Earlens is working to spread awareness of hearing health and what can be done to improve it.      Hearing loss is the third most common health problem in the United States, with approximately 48 million Americans experiencing some degree of impairment. That makes it even…

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posted By: Earlens Web | 03.04.19

Earlens Expands Executive Bench with First CMO and EVP of Sales

Earlens is pleased to announce the appointment of two new executives to its growing leadership team. Joining the company are Leilani Latimer, Chief Marketing Officer and Scott Durall as Executive Vice President of Sales.   “With the upcoming release of our next generation contact hearing…

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posted By: Earlens Web | 08.23.18

Where Can I Learn What Earlens Costs?

The price of Earlens is set by the Earlens provider. In general, Earlens are within the price range of premium hearing aids. The price typically includes follow up visits with your Earlens Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) physician and audiologist or hearing healthcare professional, as well as…

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Is Earlens Adjustable?

Earlens  can be set to have multiple volume settings and up to four different programs for different types of listening environments. For instance, Earlens wearers may find that they prefer to use different programs in the car, in restaurants, or while listening to music than…

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