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Why Do Hearing Aids Whistle?

Hearing aid whistling, or “feedback”, can have a variety of causes. The main type of feedback is acoustic feedback. This type of feedback occurs when amplified sound from the hearing aid speaker is repeatedly picked back up by the hearing aid’s microphone. The result of…

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posted By: Earlens Web | 03.08.18

Why Do My Ears Feel Plugged When I Wear Hearing Aids?

When you first start wearing hearing aids, your ears may feel “plugged”. This is known among hearing professionals as “occlusion”. The occlusion effect occurs when low frequency sounds like your own voice, are trapped in the ear canal by the hearing aid blocking the ear…

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posted By: Earlens Web | 03.01.18

Can You Restore Lost Hearing?

Hearing loss is a very common condition. In fact, the most common type of hearing loss, presbycusis, occurs due to aging. Once hearing is lost, it is currently not possible to restore it. The good news is that even though hearing cannot be restored, it…

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Will Earlens Help Profound Hearing Loss?

Earlens is intended to treat a wide range of hearing losses. Since Earlens is intended for people with mild to severe hearing loss, if you have profound hearing loss, you may not be a candidate for Earlens. However, only an Earlens audiologist can tell you…

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Happy Valentine’s Day from Earlens

Happy Valentine’s Day! While most people probably think of chocolate and flowers for the holiday, we naturally think about better hearing. Why? Because hearing is an integral part of communication, which in turn, is a vital part of relationships with friends and loved ones.  …

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Do You Miss How Music Sounded Before Hearing Aids?

If you miss how music used to sound before you had hearing loss or started wearing hearing aids, you’re not alone. Many hearing aid wearers find themselves dissatisfied with the sound quality that their hearing aids provide.   Why does music sound so different? Simply…

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posted By: Earlens Web | 01.31.18

Hearing Aids for Severe Hearing Loss

Different types of hearing aids are intended to treat different amounts of hearing loss. A trained hearing doctor, or audiologist, will be able to look at your hearing test results to determine whether your type of hearing loss can be treated with hearing aids, and…

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When Should I Upgrade My Hearing Aid?

Hearing aid technology advances rapidly, so new hearing devices that are now available may give you a significant improvement in your hearing. If your current hearing aids are 3 years old or more, we recommend speaking to an audiologist about what new hearing aid technology…

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New Hearing Technology

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is around the corner and promises to feature some new hearing technologies. In recent years, hearing aid manufacturers like Starkey and Oticon have debuted some of their newest features at CES, while some traditional consumer electronics companies have also…

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