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Where Can I Learn What Earlens Hearing Aids Cost?

The price of Earlens Hearing Aids is set by the Earlens provider. In general, Earlens Hearing Aids are within the price range of other premium hearing aids. The price typically includes follow up visits with your Earlens Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) physician and audiologist…

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Are Earlens Hearing Aids Adjustable?

Earlens digital hearing aids can be set to have multiple volume settings and up to four different programs for different types of listening environments. For instance, Earlens wearers may find that they prefer to use different programs in the car, in restaurants, or while listening…

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How is Earlens Built for My Ears?

Earlens hearing devices have three main parts: The Processor, Light Tip and Lens. Two of those parts, the Light Tip and the Lens, are custom built for the user.   Every person has a unique ear shape—in fact, the eardrum and ear canals will be…

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What is the Advantage of a Light-Driven Hearing Aid?

Perfect hearing ranges from 20 Hz in the low frequencies all the way up to 20,000 Hz in the high frequencies. However, hearing aids can usually only amplify sound from ~750 Hz – 5500 Hz. Unfortunately, this narrow frequency range limits the quality of sound…

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Can Earlens Help My Tinnitus?

Earlens Hearing Aids have not been studied as a treatment for tinnitus and is not indicated to treat tinnitus. However, hearing aids more broadly have been shown to provide tinnitus relief in some patients.   Tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, impacts one third of…

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What Happens if I Have a Problem with my Earlens?

If you wear Earlens and have a question about your hearing devices or notice a change in your hearing, you can reach out to the Earlens Concierge. The Earlens Concierge is a complimentary service available to all Earlens Hearing Aid users. The Earlens Concierge offers:…

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