Is Earlens Adjustable?

posted By: Earlens Web | 08.14.18

Is Earlens Adjustable?


Earlens  can be set to have multiple volume settings and up to four different programs for different types of listening environments. For instance, Earlens wearers may find that they prefer to use different programs in the car, in restaurants, or while listening to music than they would use for a typical conversation in a quieter environment.


When you receive your new Earlens hearing devices, the Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) physician will place your custom Lenses into your ears, and then you will see the audiologist who will fit and program your devices to your hearing needs. Your audiologist will ask how things sound, then adjust your Earlens based on your feedback and your audiogram (hearing test results).


During your follow up appointment, usually a week or two after you are first fit with Earlens, your audiologist may continue to fine-tune the programming on your Earlens hearing devices. So, while you are adapting to hearing with Earlens, you should take notes on your listening experience. Some sounds may be louder than usual as you adapt to hearing better in the high frequencies again; however, are there any sounds that are uncomfortably loud? Are there sounds that seem too soft? Are there situations that are more difficult to hear in? Answering these types of questions can help your audiologist adjust Earlens for your needs.


Depending on your lifestyle, your audiologist may also create different programs for your Earlens devices. For instance, if you frequently attend concerts and find that music sounds better with certain settings, your audiologist may choose to give you a “Music” program to choose from on your Earlens. Talk to your provider about your day to day activities and let him or her know how you are hearing with Earlens in those different listening environments so that they can make any changes needed.


Learn more about Earlens features and benefits by making an appointment with your local Earlens provider.

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