4 Ways to Communicate Better with Hearing Aid Wearers

posted By: Earlens Web | 03.21.17

4 Ways to Communicate Better with Hearing Aid Wearers


If you know someone who wears a hearing aid, you can help them “hear” better at home by taking steps to communicate more clearly. The tips below can help communicate effectively with a hearing aid wearer.

  • Get Their Attention: Starting off by saying their name or gesturing can prepare a hearing aid wearer to listen. You should also make sure not to cover your mouth or hide your face when speaking.
  • Speak Face to Face: Directly facing the listener will help them take advantage of visual cues that may help them understand what is being said.
  • Talk Naturally: Don’t artificially raise your voice or try to speak more slowly. Speak in a clear and normal tone so that your voice doesn’t sound distorted. Try pausing in between sentences to give the listener time to process what you are saying.
  • Rephrase If Needed: If the listener did not catch what was said, try rephrasing it instead of simply repeating it. Using different words can help provide additional context for following the conversation.

If someone in your life wears a hearing aid and continues to have significant trouble understanding speech, encourage them to visit an audiologist or hearing health professional. Although no hearing aid can restore perfect hearing, advances in hearing technology, like the Earlens Contact Hearing Solution, can provide more complete sound than was previously possible. Learn more by finding an Earlens provider near you.

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