4 Signs it Might Be Time to Upgrade Your Hearing Aid

posted By: Earlens Web | 01.20.17

4 Signs it Might Be Time to Upgrade Your Hearing Aid


Have you been thinking about whether you might benefit from new hearing technology? If you currently wear a hearing aid and are considering an upgrade, below are a few signs that you may want to talk to your audiologist about new hearing solutions.


Changes in your hearing

Age-related hearing loss is a condition that typically worsens over time. If you’re not hearing the same way you used to with your hearing aids, you may want to see your audiologist to have your hearing checked. If your hearing has changed, your audiologist may choose to adjust the programming on your hearing devices, or recommend a new type of hearing aid that is more appropriate for the recent changes in your hearing loss.


Changes in your lifestyle

You may recently have made changes in your work situation, home environment or hobbies that alter what you are looking for in a hearing aid. For instance, if you recently began engaging in more social situations or new activities, you may need a hearing aid that helps you to understand people better in noisy environments.


You’ve had your hearing aid for three or more years

Hearing technology advances constantly, so if your hearing aid is 3 years old or older, you will likely notice a significant difference between your hearing aids and what is currently available. Many audiologists offer trial periods of hearing aids, so if you are interested in learning about the newest technologies, you may be able to try them before you decide to upgrade.


You want better sound quality

Advances in digital signal processing have continuously improved the sound quality in modern hearing aids. However, the sound quality of even the most advanced hearing aids is limited by speaker technology, because tiny hearing aid speakers can only amplify sound at higher volumes before feedback or distortion occurs. Unlike hearing aids, a new type of hearing device called the Earlens® Contact Hearing Solution uses pulses of energy instead of a speaker to transmit sound. The result is more complete sound than any hearing aid, with crisp highs and full lows.


If any of these apply to your situation, you may want to speak to a hearing health professional. To learn about new hearing technology like the Earlens® Contact Hearing Solution, find an Earlens audiologist or ENT doctor near you.

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